Our Services include:

Safety Compliance Consulting
Onsite ComplianceTraining
Onsite Safety Assessments 
Awareness Training
Safety Partners/RFP

 Development of: 

  Monthly Safety Reports
Safety Policies
Site Specific Safety plans
Documentation and
Onsite Staffing

Documented Safety Training is the first question in an Accident/Incident Investigation. We can ensure that you are in compliance!


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Written Programs

OSHA requires each company to have a Written Safety Policy, Site Specific Safety Plans and Written Exposure Control Plans and Emergency Evacuation Plans. These written programs must be job specific and updated every (12) months. We can help build your written program from scratch or update your program to meet the compliance standards.

Education and Training

Training is a requirement associated with many ODHA standards. We offer OSHA 10 & 30 training as well as Awareness Trainings in many of the areas required by OSHA. Our trainings include OSHA cards in most designations, which will keep you in compliance for documentation, for documented training requirements.

Assessments and Accident/Incident Investigation

Job Site Assessments allows us an opportunity to evaluate where you are and it gives us an opportunity to understand your specific needs. Our Risk Management Assessments helps you to see the financial impact that Accident/Incidents cost your organization and help us to develop a plan to minimize or reduce exposure by establishing control measures.

Auditing and Inspections

OSHA requires that your safety program includes an evaluation of the design and effectiveness of the process safety management systems. We can provide auditing and inspection services on a monthly or quarterly basis to ensure you stay in compliance.

Reports and Record Keeping

Monthly Safety Reports are important to understanding your Leading and Lagging Indicators and assist in the prevention of major incidents. We provide detailed monthly safety reports that track key opportunities for improvement and work with you to develop a corrective action plan.


We understand that it is not always feasible to maintain safety professionals on a full-time basis. We can provide augmented staffing on a project to project basis or to fit your temporary needs.

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Training in safe work practices is an investment that pays you back over and over again in fewer injuries, illnesses, lower insurance premiums and better morale

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OSHA Certifications

We provide OSHA 10 & OSHA 30 Training. (As authorized OSHA Trainers through the OSHA Training Institute -University of Texas at Arlington) Official training cards issued through the University of Texas at Arlington.

Risk Management

In our approcah to risk management, we focus on Leading Measures for improving safety, Performance Measurement/data anylsis and Informed Decision Making.


Injuries invariably result from a sequence of factors. Risk is an inherent factor of severity and probability. Severity is not controllable, but probability is. When we are allowed to track incidents and identify casual factors, we reduce the probabilty of Accidents.

Awareness training

We offer awareness training in the following areas: Fall Protection, Electrical Hazards, Lock Out/Tag Out Procedures, Excavation and Trenching, Respiratory Protection, Silica, PPE, Material Handling, Hazardous Materials/Communications (GHS), Risk Management, Scaffolding, Ergonomics, Permit Confined Spaces, and Cranes. (As authorized OSHA Trainers through the OSHA Training Institute -University of Texas at Arlington)

Official training cards issued through the University of Texas at Arlington

Lean Six Sigma Techniques

We employ the DMAIC and Kaizen (Improvement or change for the best) philosophy to implementing process improvements.

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